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DPF Flash Cleaner.

The DPF Flash cleaning machine is the latest in a line of professional solutions in the aftermarket to help clean and unblock Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) ,

Our DPF Flash machine has been accredited and certified by TŰV NORD ITALIA as well as 3 other independent organisations ,

Flash Cleaner Machine is the only technology on the global market which cleans all types of filters, both for cars (also EURO 6), buses and trucks, and catalysts of big trucks (SCR),it can also clean intercoolers and radiators.

Flash Cleaner Machine works with a certificated water-based cleaning system that ensures the unblocking of the DPF with a efficiency of 98%.

Unlike all other methods of regeneration, the Flash Cleaner Machine performs the entire cleaning cycle of the DPF (washing and drying ) in 1 step.

See the entire DPF cleaning cycle here , Video on a car and lorry DPF being unblocked .


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