DPF Cleaning services.

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DPF Specialists

We have the machinery and knowledge to resolve your DPF problems in a timely and cost effective manner.

We provide a professional DPF unblocking / cleaning service for cars, commercial vehicles, plant and equipment for industrial applications , we also provide a remove / unblock / fit service. Feel free to call us for a quote on 01279-817451 or pop by for chat, we dont just provide DPF cleaning we can also clean / unblock catalytic converters and Radiators also.

DPF Cleaning for Cars and Commercials

Loss of power? DPF light constantly lit? MPG not what it should be? We have a 98% success rate on Catalytic Convertor and DPF cleaning for all makes of cars , 4x4 , vans and Lorries . We dont use any harsh chemicals to breakdown the soot/carbon but instead use highly cost-effective and environmentally friendly organic alternative which does not harm the environment. Our unique process uses a state of the art flash machine using a patented ISO 9001, 6 step cleaning system.

Worldwide best practice
Our unique DPF cleaning services meet global standards for best practice. Plus, our staff have undergone expert training. By cleaning your blocked DPF, you will extend the life of your filter, maintain engine power, restore fuel economy and help to safeguard the environment. In the event that your DPF filter is damaged, either by corrosion or by melting (due to constant use whilst blocked), we can offer you the choice of a pre-owned, refurbished DPF or a new high quality DPF from stock. Whatever the problem,we aim to find you a solution every time.

Professional long term solution

DPF cleaning is the only professional long term solution for DPF problems other than a costly replacement. when a Diesel Particulate Filter has been permanently removed rather than cleaned or replaced, the back pressure which the turbocharger relies on is altered. This results in the turbo charger performance being seriously affected which will lead to poor performance , less power and early turbo failure.

we have a range of options to choose from.

A DPF filter might not be the most important thing in your life but when you cant drive your car , van or lorry then it suddenly jumps to the front of the Que.

We have a range of services and price points depending on the service you select ,

Please note any quote you receive from us does not include the cost of putting a computer to your car and should it be required will be charged for seperately.

1) Bronze Package - Walk in with your DPF to us already removed and we will flush it out / unblock it , turnaround approx 1 hour.

2) Silver Package - Remove unblock and refit your DPF on the same day

3) Gold Package - Diagnose your vehicle before doing any work , unblock your Diesel particulate filter & reset your engine management lights.

4) Postal Service -You can send us your DPF and we will flush it out / unblock it and return it back to you , turnaround approx 3 days

We have a fully equipped workshop with the latest vehicle diagnostic equipment and will be able to reset any engine management lights that are on your dashboard relating to the DPF*.

* Your car may need to be put on a computer to get you out of limp mode once the DPF has been unblocked.



To make a booking or to get a quote you can email us or call us on 07842-342222 or 01279-817451

We are a sister company of Turbo Engineering Limited and can offer you a much better deal if your Turbocharger also needs replacing.