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Professional Solution.

Professional grade patented technology to bring your DPF back to life , with TUV certification as well a host of other accreditations you can be confident our DPF Flash Cleaner will get the job done.


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Our Services

We have a range of services to clean / unblock your DPF , these include 1) pick & drop cleaning / unblocking service 2) While you wait express service 3) Remove / unblock / refitting service 4) Regeneration 5) Diagnostic service.

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The Devils in the DPF

Your DPF performs a vital function in controlling harmful emissions as well as ensuring your cars ECU receives the correct data on how much fuel / air your engine needs to keep it running at its peak . Having it cut out not only means you wont pass the next MOT it also affects the cars performance and fuel economy.

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Commercial Solutions.

Weather you have a fleet of Vans , Taxis , Lorries or Plant equipment we can help you with your DPF problems. If you are a fleet opearator who is looking for a fast and professional solution to your DPF problems please contact us for a tailor made package .



DPF Flash Cleaner.


The DPF Flash cleaning machine is a professional solution for cleaning and unblocking Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) & CATs.

Having a blocked DPF filter or CAT is a big nusiance that can work out very expensive if a new one is required , you can waste a lot of money on piece meal solutions which just won't do the job.

As a professional DPF company we know what works and what does not , we speak to customers everyday and they tell us what thay have already tried before coming to us.

Do not waste your time and money on Additives , forced regeneration and ultrasonic cleaners . Some do not work at all and if they do then it is for a limited period of time only then you are back to square one.


Plain Common sense.


Cleaning your DPF using our especially designed machine is the solution to your problems, not only is it cost effective it also makes sense .

Here is our 5 stage process to getting your DPF cleaned .

Step 1 ) Perform a back pressure test to ascertain the level of blockage in the DPF or CAT.

Step 2) Add a special organic compound into the DPF to start a breakdown of the soot & ash and leave for 30 minuites.

Step 3) Flush out DPF or CAT with High pressure Water & AIr bursts at approx 3 Bar pressure (10 BAR for Commercial vehicles) until DPF is unblocked.

Step 4) Start Drying process to force out all remaining water and dry DPF.

Step 5) Perform back pressure test to confirm level of flow through and amount of unblocking achieved.

As you can see from the above , unblocking a DPF is not rocket science but it can become a big waste of time and money if you choose the wrong solution to your problem.

Our DPF Flash machine has been accredited and certified by T?V NORD ITALIA as well as 3 other independent organisations ,

Flash Cleaner Machine??is the only technology on the global market which cleans all types of filters, both for cars (also EURO 6), buses and trucks, and catalysts of big trucks (SCR),it can also clean intercoolers and radiators.

Flash Cleaner Machine works with a??certificated water-based cleaning system that??ensures??the??unblocking of the DPF with a efficiency of 98%.

Unlike all other methods of regeneration, the Flash Cleaner Machine performs??the entire cleaning cycle of the DPF (washing and drying ) in 1 step.

See the entire DPF cleaning cycle here , Video on a car and lorry DPF being unblocked .


Hope you enjoyed the video please call us if you have any questions.

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